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About our Pastor

Mount Anna MB Church

Reverend Doctor Lamar Duprice Johnson, D.TH one of two children was born on the 12th day of June, in a small town within Michigan called Ypsilanti, to the late Ms. Gloria J. Johnson. At an early age, Reverend Johnson accepted Christ and was baptized at the Christ Temple Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Steven D. Riley. At the age of 12, Reverend Johnson was moved by the Spirit to join the St. John Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of the late Dr. Harvey E. Leggett, Sr., where his grandmother also attended, the late Rosie L. Green. At the age of 14, Reverend Johnson became a teacher for the Jr. Brotherhood and also assisted with teaching senior youth Sunday school students. 

On December 31, 1999, the Lord spoke a word to Reverend Johnson, telling him that it was time to go to work. Immediately Reverend Johnson began to prepare and on Sunday, April 2, 2000, at the age of16, Reverend Johnson preached his first public sermon. On October 18, 2002, at the St John Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend Johnson was ordained, under the supervision of the late Dr. Raymond Wilson, Pastor of Greater Progressive Baptist Church located in Detroit, Michigan. 

Reverend Johnson, a scholar student, was educated in the Willow Run School District, graduating with the 2001 Humanitarian award. After receiving his High School Diploma in 2001, Reverend Johnson decided to continue his education at the Tennessee School of Religion Ypsilanti Extension. There, he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Theology, in 2007, Master’s Degree in Theology, in 2011 and his Doctoral Degree in Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 2015. 

Following the death of his mentor and father in the ministry, Dr. Harvey E. Leggett, Sr. and under the movement and power of the Holy Spirit, Reverend Johnson joined the Second Baptist Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan on February 8, 2004 under the leadership of the late Dr. James H. Brooks, Sr. With Reverend Johnson’s love for serving, he became Dr. Brooks’ armor bearer, assistant, chauffer, and pulpit aide. By this time, Reverend Johnson had truly proven to be a young “Timothy” to his pastor. 

On January 1, 2010, Dr. James H. Brooks, Sr., now the Senior Pastor of the New Pilgrim Baptist Church, in Birmingham, Alabama, extended his love to Reverend Johnson by welcoming him to become their Associate Pastor of the Youth and Family Life. On February 7, 2010, Reverend Johnson began his new mission by officially becoming the Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Life for New Pilgrim Baptist Church. On Saturday February 18, 2017, Reverend Johnson was called and elected as Pastor of the Mount

Hermon Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama. On Sunday March 12, 2017, Reverend Johnson Preached his first sermon as Senior Pastor of the Mount Hermon Baptist Church. 


On Sunday September 18, 2022, Reverend Johnson was called and elected as the 16th Pastor of the Mount Anna Baptist Church in Aiken, South Carolina. On Sunday October 9, 2022, Reverend Johnson Preached his first sermon as Senior Pastor of the Mount Anna Baptist Church. If you were to ask Reverend Johnson, “What would you want people to say about you?”, he would say,