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Email (ACTS) AREA CHURCHES TOGETHER SERVING (Abraham Sanders/Gladys Holmes)

The mission of the Acts Ministry is to support the Acts organization in its effort to serve the needy in the community; to provide food, volunteers and financial support on a regular basis to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of “the least of these”.

COUPLES (Joann Lamkin/Oliver Lamkin/Kamar Lee/Sonya Lee

We believe in the strengthening of marriage and Family Relationships; to educate, motivate, and empower all engaged and married couples.


ATHLETIC (George Yeldell)

The mission of the Athletic Ministry is to provide a safe arena for Christian fellowship, and to instill a sense of sportsmanship and competitiveness in the young and old alike. With the addition of our family life center, we strive to promote athletic campaigns throughout the year that will be of interest to the church. The Athletic Department pledges to always ensure that Mount Anna Missionary Baptist Church is represented in an exemplary fashion when participating in area activities in efforts to bring more people into our church to learn of our Lord’s work.


AUDIO/VISUAL (Octavius Murray)

The audio/visual ministry is to enhance the worship experience using technology as a means of sharing God’s Word.


The mission of BEC is to encourage spiritual; growth to youth and adult through bible classes and help them discover hope in Jesus Christ through fellowship with other believers, to teach salvation to all who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and to gain a better understanding of God’s word and plan for us and how we can follow that plan. BEC’s motto is Keep it Scripturally Sound (KISS).


The BOCE mission is to lead people to Christ, to develop believers who live in obedience and response to the word of God. We teach so that through our teaching God may work in the hearts of those whom we teach. To make them disciples wholly committed to His Gospel, with an understanding of it with a personal Faith that will enable them to bear convincing witness to it in word and action in the midst of an unbelieving world. In essence, quality educational ministry mission is committed to reaching, teaching, developing and involving person in Christian service.


The mission of the Brotherhood of the Mount Anna Baptist Church is to be Christ-centered. To challenge the mind of the men of the church and community (young and old). To lead men to Christ through witnessing and Christian education. Men will be challenged to use their talents for the cause of Christ and to be role models for our boys. Young boys and young men will be inspired by the examples of their older brothers to become ambassadors for Christ.


CHILDREN’S CHURCH (Annie Key/Betty Graham)

To teach the children that the beginning of wisdom is fear of God. To teach them to worship and serve God. To teach them who God is. Who Jesus is and who the Holy Spirit is. To teach that the church house is a gift from God as a place of worship. To teach them to give thanks and praises to God. To teach them to love one another.

CLERICAL STAFF (Dorothy Lloyd/Sharon Childs)

The mission for the Clerical Staff is to administer to all of the ministries/organizations of the church by utilizing our clerical/computer/organizational skills to better inform the church, as well as the community of upcoming events, programs and participation throughout the church.

(CEC) COLLEGE EDUCATION COMMITTEE (Tracey Mozone/Vanessa Golden/Verniki Burgess/Christine Gordon/Merian Bailey)

The mission of the Mount Anna Baptist Church College Education Committee is to aid spiritually and financially to our members who are continuing their education beyond high school. It is our prayer that our college students not only prosper through education but that they always place God first and allow his guidance to take precedence over their lives.

CULINARY (Catherine Lewis)

Culinary Ministry of Mount Anna Missionary Baptist Church, through prayer, praise and, faith in Jesus Christ, strive to glorify God in providing excellence in food service. The purpose of the Culinary Ministry is to serve as hosts/hostesses and to prepare food for church related activities. We are committed to practice the high quality standards required for health and safety, relative to the preparation and serving of foods and beverages.

Our aspiration is for the love of Christ, to be exemplified in our performance

of the responsibilities as food handlers.

DEACONS (Abraham Sanders)

The mission of the Deacons is to assist the pastor in church duties and the great work of the Master.

DEACONESS (Connie Gantt)

The Deaconess is Bible based. Our aim is to help in and out of church as Phoebe did in the first church. She was a helper. Romans 16:1-2

DRAMA (Dorothy Lloyd)

The Drama Ministry is for those who are interested in displaying the word of God through acting, basic dramatization, and entertainment. It also lets those who like to write creatively and recite poetry display their talent. Our goal is to continue to minister the Word of God and uplift the glory of God, but in a creative, entertaining and artistic manner.


Objective: To provide academic, spiritual, and social growth to the target groups who attend and worship at Mount Anna.

Mission: To build upon our students’ abilities to meet their academic challenges successfully, to provide mentoring and empower them to grow academically, spiritually, and socially, to edify Jesus Christ through worship and study, and to prepare them for the next level of success.

Purpose: To encourage, to mentor, to provide assistance academically, spiritually, and socially, to keep informed and to recognize various weaknesses, strengths and talents of those target groups who attend and worship at Mount Anna.

Goal: To work together to incorporate the various ministries to assist and reach the needs of the target groups who attend and worship here at Mount Anna.

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


The Family Enrichment Ministry is a ministry umbrella for which married couples, singles and our youth are covered. The ministry is established to enrich the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual behavior of persons in a family. The individual ministries are separated to encourage participation in discussions relating to problems associated with everyday life as they relate to Biblical principles. Recreational activities and group retreats are incorporated to enhance relationship skills and more importantly, to help communication skills among families.

FOOD PANTRY/CLOTHES CLOSET (Delores Chavous/Elizabeth Jackson)

The mission of the “We Share Food Pantry and Clothes Closet Ministry” is to help temporarily provide God’s people with the necessities of life, food and clothing; to provide guidance toward independent accumulation of these basic human needs.


Our mission is to minister the financial needs of the church, its ministries and members, by encouraging biblical giving and practical spiritual teaching as means to promote the people’s welfare and by sound management practices to secure the continuity of the church’s mission and vision.

HEALTH MINISTRY (Kathleen Dicks/Rosalyn Brown)

The Health Ministry mission is to provide healthcare resources and information to our church family and community being led by the scripture: “and the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy you with all good things, and keep you healthy too”. Isiah 58:11 (The Living Bible)

HOSPITALITY (Melvin Baskett)

The mission of the Hospitality Ministry is to help bring about a holistic and expressive worship by making everyone- members and visitors-feel welcome at Mount Anna. We primarily focus on making our visitors feel welcome by offering our hospitality to make their visit an enjoyable one.

PAIRS AND SPARES (Kathleen Dicks)

A senior citizen ministry that consist of the seniors 55 and older in the church and community. We meet every 4th Monday of the month where we discuss upcoming events and outings. The 4th Sunday in September we honor all our senior citizens.


It is the duty of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry to assist the Pastor by ensuring that he has all the essentials needed for the pulpit on Sunday morning such as juice, water, ice, cups and if needed napkins. We as a ministry are to see to it that he and his wife are acknowledged on anniversaries, birthdays, and any other special occasion. We are to try to ensure that his tenure here is as pleasant as possible.

PRAISE DANCE (Joi B. Murray/Taki Gartrell)

The Praise Dance Ministry is designed to promote the development of praise and worship to God through expressive dance and dramatization. Vision: The ministry strives to encourage our youth within the church to praise and worship God through their facial expression, body language and feelings. The ministry also focuses on building leaders within the ministry/community, while challenging the youth to utilize his/her God given talents within the walls of the church and throughout the community. “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!” Psalms 150:4

RETREAT (Thelma Robinson/Essie Henderson/Vanessa Golden)

The mission of the Retreat Ministry is to plan and assist other ministries in the church in planning Christian retreats, seminars, and workshops that will enhance the pastor, members, and ministries in Christian discipline, fellowship and Gods commands.


SUNDAY SCHOOL (Min. Annetta Pigue)

The Mount Anna Sunday School Ministry’s purpose is to reach people for Christ through life changing teaching and studying of God’s Word, which leads to caring, growth, fellowship, witnessing and worship.


Transportation ministry is to provide safe and courteous transport to those who seek transportation assistance to and from worship services and other spiritually enhancing activities.

Scripture: Psalm 122 is declared upon our arrival for service. And I was glad when they said unto me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord”.


The Trustee Board shall hold in trust all property belonging to the Church and shall take all necessary measures for its protection, management and upkeep.

USHER (Martha “Pat” Addison)

The mission of the Usher Ministry is to be motivated by the spirit of evangelism; to serve the Lord Jesus through the service we render as greeters, and helpers; to fulfill our place as God’s stewards by promoting the Divine worship of the church.

(WIA) WOMEN IN ACTION (Patricia “Pat” Taylor)

The mission of the Mount Anna Baptist Church Women’s Ministry is to be of service to the women of the church and community. Our aim is to minister to the needs of children, young adults and women.

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